Profile & Service

Company Profile

CARDAM was established in 2009 by Piotr Krolak who, after many years as a shareholder, decided to work independently and take full responsibility for the implementation of his new strategy for further development of packaging business.

Having deep knowledge of packaging and cosmetics market in Europe and good relationships with his customers (cosmetics manufacturers) he not only improved service level of imports from China and Korea but also developed local manufacturing of cosmetic containers as an alternative to the imports.

In 2015 CARDAM merged with Roshard International Sp. z o.o. as a packaging division supporting manufacturing of private label cosmetics within Roshard's structures but still suppling its own customers with cosmetics containers and accessories as well as co-packing service.

Due to new business structures CARDAM's role became more complex with main focus on decreasing costs of containers from one side but to maintain the quality and to deliver unique designs from the other side.

Anticipating increase in production costs in Asia, demand for delivery timing reduction and request for high level of flexibility in packaging supply  CARDAM built its current position on two corner stones:

  • local production of cosmetic containers offering short delivery timing, flexibility in shapes and competitive price level
  • imports from Asia focused on unique cosmetic packaging and accessories with the highest service level and short delivery time


Complementing the core business the company introduced new services such as co-packing, tubes, sachets & doypacks and promo items production. 


Co-packing / Filling

Over last 5 years we have turned our park machine into one of the most effective and efficient in Central Europe. Based on it we can offer co-packing - unique service in term of quality, timing and cost level. The high standards of our co-packing lines are acknowledged by many German and Scandinavian companies.

The co-packing service is dedicated to the customers who feel more comfortable having in-house production of their cosmetics. But they look for savings in other phases of manufacturing process e.g. filling and packing. The costs of filling and packing in our factory is extremely competitive vs the same service in other companies and other countries. Therefore more and more firms is moving it to Roshard Internetional gaining not only high level of savings but also improving customer service level and speeding up the whole process. Especially recommended for tubes, doypacks and pouches/sachets which are produced in-house.

All our products are manufactured according to ISO and GMP procedures. 



  • laminated
  • polyethylene
  • size: Ø30, Ø35, Ø50
  • different type of caps and decoration

Pouches / Sachets


  • single
  • duo
  • all types and shapes
  • from 1 ml up to 1 l

Stand-up Doypacks


  • regular
  • with stopper
  • from 1 ml up to 1 l