About Us

CARDAM was set up in 2009 by Piotr Królak – one of the first importers of cosmetic containers from China and Korea in Central Europe. He started the company not only to continue imports from Asia but also to develop local production of cosmetic packaging in Poland as an alternative to the import.

Having long-term experience in cooperation between Chinese & Korean packaging manufacturers and European cosmetics producers he got aware of the issues which the latter face in this business model. The critical factors in supply from Asia are:

  • long delivery time
  • minimum volume orders
  • no product stock to cover unexpected changes in sales volumes.

Although it is not possible to address all the issues, especially when it comes to high technology products not available in Europe (e.g. aluminium containers, unique packaging for special product types such aseye shadow pens, cushion foundation containers or cosmetic pumps etc) but the most significant ones can be solved in very simple way – to place orders with a reliable manufacturer located in the centre of Europe. Especially that increase in costs of labour force and row materials plus unpredictable fluctuations in exchange rates make this offer very competitive.

CADRAM is the partner offering such solutions and other unique services such as free private moulds, sachets and doypacks production or product stock in China.

In 2015 CARDAM merged with Roshard International Sp. z o.o. as a packaging division supporting manufacturing of private label cosmetics within Roshard's structures but still suppling its own customers.

Company Profile

At the beginning CARDAM continued imports from China and Korea as its main activity but with time it started developing local production and service as an alternative to imports and, as the next step, supplementary service for cosmetics producers.

Within the business structures of Roshard International Sp. z o.o. CARDAM, as a division, is responsible for supplying the company with all the packaging components ordered by Private Label customers but it still cooperates with old customers and builds relationships with new ones in the area of packaging business. 



Local Manufacturing of Cosmetic Containers

  • wide offer of models and shapes for all major product groups and categories such as make up containers, skin care jars and bottles, tubes
  • high quality products
  • high flexibility of delivery in terms of timing and service level
  • competitive price level vs imports
  • private moulds



Skin Care Containers
Make Up Containers
Private Moulds


  • skin care bottles
  • face care jars
  • closures: caps, flip-tops etc.

  • lipgloss and mascara containers
  • lipstick cases
  • foundation bottles
  • eyeshadow and powder containers
  • loose products containers

  • moulds for skin care and make up
  • unique packaging design
  • customers' own shapes
  • no minimum volumes
  • free moulds offer


Imports of High Technology Packaging From China and Korea

  • unique and complex packaging not available in Europe e.g. aluminium containers, airless, air cushion compact containers, eye shadow pens, tottle bottles or vibrating jars for foundation application
  • wide range of cosmetic pumps
  • high quality accessories such as sponge tip applicator, puffs (cotton velur, flocked foam), sponge (natural rubber, poly vinyl)
  • unique products e.g. natural konjac sponge

Supplementary Service For Cosmetics Manufacturers

  • co-packing and filling
  • sachets
  • doy-packs

Free Private Moulds

Free moulds - an unique tool designed for selected customers who are committed to build strong, long-term cooperation with a reliable packaging supplier. Implementing this tool CARDAM decided to share responsibility and risk of new products' launch into the market. Sharing responsibility of products' performance on the market CARDAM wants to build reliable and creative relationship based on mutual trust and understanding.

Fully understanding that one of the key success factors in consumer marketing is product/brand recognisability and shelf impact CARDAM offers the unique opportunity to get ahead of competition and to create by customers unique shapes of packaging for free. 

CARDAM builds exclusive moulds according to customers' own designs. The moulds are only used for containers manufaturing for this customer.



  • laminated
  • polyethylene
  • size: Ø30, Ø35, Ø50
  • different type of caps and decoration

Pouches / Sachets

  • single
  • duo
  • all types and shapes
  • from 1 ml up to 1 l

Stand-up Doypacks

  • regular
  • with stopper
  • from 1 ml up to 1 l

Over last 5 years we have turned our park machine into one of the most effective and efficient in Central Europe. We have developed in-house production of laminated tubes, pouches/sachettes and stand-up doypacks which significantly simplied the production proccess and allows us to immediately respond to our customers needs. 







The co-packing service is dedicated to the customers who feel more comfortable having in-house production of their cosmetics but they look for savings in other phases of manufacturing process e.g. filling and packing. For them we have developed unique service in term of quality, timing and cost level. The high standards of our co-packing lines are acknowledged by many German and Scandinavian companies.

The costs of filling and packing in our factory is extremely competitive vs the same service in other countries. Therefore more and more firms is moving it to Roshard Internetional gaining not only high level of savings but also improving customer service level and speeding up the whole process. Especially recommended for tubes, doypacks and pouches/sachets which are produced in-house.

All our products are manufactured according to ISO and GMP procedures. 







packaging division of Roshard International Sp. z o.o.

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